KarenKaren is primarily a self-taught Botanical Artist and it was only after a thirty five year career as a Computer Consultant specialising in network communication infrastructures that a love of painting botanical subjects started.  Her husband had always painted, carrying a sketchbook wherever they travelled but had unfortunately stopped due to ill health.  So Karen persuaded him to attend a ‘Botanical Painting with Coloured Pencils’ course - he used coloured pencils often and Karen was interested in botanical paintings.  Her passion for Botanical Painting and coloured pencils took off only five years ago.   

Since then she has become an award winning artist and works in coloured pencil, graphite pencil and pen & ink. 

Her drawings have a compemporary style, are bold, intensly vibrant, detailed with a great depth of colour that these mediums allow her to produce  They are initially life-size or now more often larger than life-size.  These original drawings/paintings are often produced as much larger limited edition canvases or prints such as her Chrysanthemum drawings.


Awards & Medals