September 2016

Well here is my first blog post, it's short but I’ll try to update my blog regularly, but won’t promise it’ll be possible – but I will try!

Last week was my ‘Late Summer Flowers’ workshop, working in Graphite and Coloured Pencil. 

What a lovely group, including a couple who had never used coloured pencils before.  They produced fantastic drawings of a Chinese Lantern, and an Oriental Lily, and now want to attend a Coloured Pencil Techniques course – two more enthusiasts for CP.

Vellum and Pen & Ink

I’m waiting for a sample pack of Vellum to arrive from William Cowley.  How exciting!  I’m going to experiment and see how my pen and ink work responds to being used on Vellum.  That’ll be a topic for another post.


 October 2016

I have just collected three new drawings from my printer, who has scanned them and prepared them ready for print.  Two are in graphite pencil and the other in pen& ink. 

I will take the Hydrangea drawing (pen & ink) with me to the Society of Floral Painters (SFP) workshop this Saturday.  Hydrangea 4 blog

Sadly this will be the very last workshop that the SFP will hold, as they have decided after almost 21 years to close in December.

This last week has been all about Pen & Ink in preparation for Saturday’s workshop.  The handouts/notes are finished and were printed this morning, pens have been made ready, paper samples prepared, and a couple of sample drawings drawn onto paper. 

Spent some of last week ‘stippling’ a drawing of a Dahlia that was picked from my neighbours garden.  Again it is for Saturdays workshop, and is not nearly finished as I want for demonstrating.

 I’ve just finished drawing on the sample Vellum I received from William Cowley…very interesting and promising results so far, but still more work to do before I write up my thoughts/findings on my blog.

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